New Umpire Clinics

The majority of the new umpire school will be devoted to hands-on-training, including both field and plate work. Plate mechanics will be evaluated and instruction will be given to improve the accuracy, consistency, and confidence of the strike zone.

There will also be classroom instruction focusing on a comprehensive orientation to the Houston TASO Chapter of High School Baseball Umpires.

New Umpire Clinic Objectives

  • Pre-game Responsibilities

  • Conduct Plate Meetings

  • Reading Plays and Situations

  • Understand the Working Area

  • Understand Proper Positioning and Angles

  • Proper Communication/Signaling

  • Proper Use and Wearing of Equipment

  • Handling Arguments/Ejections

  • Game Management

  • Base Awards

  • Obstruction vs. Interference

  • Handling Checked Swings

  • Calling Balks

  • Plate Stances/Mechanics

  • Seeing the Strike Zone

  • Learn NFHS Rules

  • Making Tough Calls

  • And more…..


  • Attend one of the multiple Orientation classes offered (register here) and;

  • Paid state TASO Membership dues (pay here) and;

  • Paid local Houston Chapter dues (pay here).

For those who would like to review the 2019 Presentation and/or Quiz, please see the links below.​

3 Man Mechanic Presentation
3 Man Mechanic Quiz

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